Saturday, September 20, 2014

October Events

Saturday, October 4th

10:30am - Innovative Water Solutions. Join Chris Maxwell-Gaines, from Innovative Water Solutions, as he discusses effective ways to conserve and capture rain water for the residential application. What if you could reduce your water bill each month! This is an interesting and growing field in Texas as citizens continually face the ongoing challenges imposed by drought.

Saturday, October 11th

10:30am - Growing Aquaponics with Joe Schram. Join Joe Schram for another captivating talk on how to grow produce using aquaponics. This is an alternative to traditional agriculture that continues to gain traction throughout the Southern United States. Aquaponics uses 90% less water than condensational row farming!  

Saturday, October 25th

10:30am – “Drought Tolerant Medicine” with Grace Bryce. Join certified natural Health Professional Grace Bryce, of Gracie’s Garden products, as she teaches an informative session on growing medicinal plants in an ever drier Texas climate. Jump in and ask lots of  questions!