Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kids' Garden Club!

Announcing Kids’ Garden Club!
with Allison French
ages 5 and up

Thursdays 4:15 to 5pm September 8ththrough 
October 27th 
$40 for the series plus a $10 material fee
Register at the Market or by calling 512.240.4715

Wellness and Garden Classes Saturdays This Fall

We are happy to be hosting an 8-week series of health and nutrition classes with

Wellness Coach Alli Markham Saturdays at 1pm (

followed by Garden Classes with Michelle at 2pm. 

$5 for both classes.

September 10th
Why Losing Weight Is So Hard
Preparing the Soil for a New Garden
September 17th
Why Gaining Weight Is So Easy
Starting Herbs and Veggies from Seed
September 24th
Food for Your Genes
Growing with the Seasons
October 1st
Don’t Fear the Grocery Store
All About Weeds
October 8th
Organics and Herbs
Growing Herbs Organically
October 15th
Sleep More; Be Happy
Growing Garlic and Onions
October 22nd
Are You Stressed?
Backyard Composting
October 29th
Functional Fitness
Organic Pest Control

Wellness Classes with Alli Markham Saturdays at 1pm

Alli Markham is a coach who uses functional nutrition to help others reach their optimum wellness. With experience in corporate wellness, family fitness, and nutrition coaching, Alli is equipped to work with all kinds of people, including those with a variety of inflammatory conditions, to alter their habits and lead a better life.

9/10 Why Losing Weight Is So Hard
Ever hear that losing weight is just calories in versus calories out? New research has found a relationship between a person’s weight and their toxic load. Is your environment keeping you from reaching or maintaining your goal weight?

9/17 Why Gaining Weight Is So Easy
Obesity rates are rising, rising, rising. But why? What has really changed so much in the last 30 years that has caused our health to decline so rapidly? Learn about how our habits and foods have changed our bodies to more easily pack on the pounds.

9/24 Food for Your Genes
Did you know the foods you eat can turn your genes off and on? Nutrigenomics is a growing field with much promise in altering the way we see our meals. We’ll show you how your genes react to your lunch!

10/1 Don’t Fear the Grocery Store
Grocery shopping and meal planning is a terrifying concept for many people trying to shift into a healthier lifestyle. What’s this ingredient? How do I read a nutrition label? Find out at this class!

10/8 Organics and Herbs
What does it really mean to be organic in the U.S.? Find out why we’re spending more on the label and how to do it more cost-effectively. Also, see how we can use our culinary spices to ward off illness.

10/15 Sleep More; Be Happy
Do you get your eight hours of sleep? Let’s see how getting not enough (or too much) sleep can harm you and how we can fix it.

10/22 Are You Stressed?
Stress makes a mess of your body. Check out the damage it can do and some tools to distress your life.

10/29 Functional Fitness
Think you don’t have time for exercise? Think again. Functional fitness focuses on movements that you use every day. Bring your workout gear to this class!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Kids in the Garden Summer Series

Hey Kids! Want to play in the dirt this summer and maybe learn a cool thing or two about plants, veggies, and bugs? Farmer Allison will be guiding you through a garden adventure Wednesday mornings at 10 am through the summer.

June 22: It Starts With Seeds 
June 29: Garden Zoo 
July 6: Herbology 
July 13: Garden Chefs 
July 20: Flower Power 
July 27: Good Grit 
August 3rd: Garden Safari 

Monument Market Garden Classes are aimed at kids ages 5 and up. Younger kids may attend if they keep a grown up close by. $5 per class or $25 for the whole 7 class series. 

Please RSVP by calling 512.240.4715 or 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Events

Saturday, March 5th
2:00pm  GARDEN CLASS “March In the Garden”. Join us for our monthly series where we go over the garden to-do list. Learn what to plant, what to harvest and other timely garden tasks. This class is perfect for the beginning gardener and those new to growing in Central Texas.

Saturday, March12th
2pm GARDEN CLASS “All About Weeds” with Michelle Learn how to identify and manage common weeds using organic methods.

Saturday, March 19th
9am – 1pm Spring Vitality Fair with Dr Dave Weinthal  A packed 4 hour event to ring in the new season with Yoga, QiGong, Herbal Medicine, Raw food and more. $10 suggested donation for a local charity TBA.

Saturday March 26th
2:00pm GARDEN CLASS “Growing Cucurbits” with Michelle.  Learn how to grow cucumbers, squash and melons using organic methods.